Fate, Politics and Heritage (Out of Print)

This expansion to the base game adds two additional decks of cards. One deck, the Intrigue deck, adds new mechanics for acting against your opponents and increasing your own abilities. Hire privateers to hamper his production. Use spies to sabotage, steal and misdirect.The second deck introduces races and racial modifiers to the game. These races introduce some of the background and story of the Portable Galactic Empire as well as putting a twist on your tactics and play style. Will you play as the democratic United Earth Protectorates or the enigmatic Node 126? Also included are additional dice (2) and counters for use with the resource cards. An instruction sheet is included, with details of how to use each expansion deck. The instructions also include a key for interpreting the graphical changes from PGE Limited Edition and PGE Standard Edition.

This expansion is compatible with both editions of PGE, but requires at least 1 PGE game to play.