CITY is a family friendly, competitive, urban planning board game.

Game play is easy to learn, fun and extremely addictive! Board-game enthusiasts, families, and city planners alike will all find something to love about CITY. Each turn players have the chance to expand their city by zoning vacant land as residential, commercial or industrial. Money allows players to buy roads to connect their zones. Points are earned by growing your city's population and by employing them with jobs - commercial banker, farmer, forester, miner, or driller. As the population and job opportunities expand, players have the opportunity to upgrade their zones and earn money, both of which earn players even more points. Soon after the game starts, new skyscrapers begin to sprout up across the region, players' zones begin to compete for resources and space, and strategic playing becomes an engaging and critical element to each city's success!

As each player's city grows, resources and purchase power becomes limited. No city can grow unchecked forever! When the resources from one sector are used up, they are gone forever. Strategic players will develop a diverse and thriving city and amass wealth, and maybe even collaborate with a neighboring city.... Game ends when all resources have been used up. Points are awarded based on number of jobs, number of skyscrapers and amount of saved money.

Players will enjoy the uniqueness of every new game of CITY that they play! Change in board layout and zoning options means each game of CITY is completely different and guaranteed to be awesome!

Game Highlights

What it is:

    • Medium Strategy - some planing, money and resource budgeting

    • Reasonable length turns, occasional taking 2 or 3 minutes each

    • competitive but not combative - no "war" or "battle" elements

    • excellent length - almost all games will be played out in about 3/4 to 1 hour

    • game play involves worker placement, and tile laying

    • scales nicely, from 2 to many players

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