A Bit of a Long Range Scan

Post date: May 5, 2010 4:29:26 PM

So what are we working on next? An RPG based in the universe of Galactic Empire. This is not a full blown, old school, many expensive books RPG, though. This is a card based game, in a similar style to PGE. I thought you might like a look at some of the preliminary art:

The basic idea of the game places each player at the helm of a United Earth Protectorates (on of the races introduced by the Fate, Politics and Heritage Expansion for PGE) star ship. You are then tasked to complete missions which award you prestige. Using prestige allows you to upgrade your ship and request better and more qualified crew.

The design is still pretty preliminary, but we're very excited to start bringing you news of Portable Galactic Adventures.