Portable Galactic Empire: Print and Play

The Portable Galactic Empire - Print and Play Edition

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Now in a Print and Play format!

While we're working to bring our old favorite project back, we've realized there is a community of game players who can't wait and are willing to put in the effort. So now, for just $10.00, you can have your very own printable copy of Portable Galactic Empire. This version of the game features newly updated art, and includes all of the cards of the Expanded Edition.

Game Highlights

What it is:

    • 4 x Strategy - Explore, Expand, Exploit and Exterminate

    • Card based play creates an complex and shifting board

    • Heavy strategy - resource planing, base building, military building, diplomacy

    • long game play - a game can take up to 5 or 6 hours

What it is not:

    • simplified - PGE is an unabashed "old school" strategy game

    • small - don't let it's small box footprint fool you, this game spreads out over a large table very quickly

This set includes the Exploration, Science, Development and Intrigue decks. Also included are files for creating resource tokens. Each deck has two backs available - one which features art from the deck and a second that has text indicating the deck name.Take up the mantle of galactic leader once again and explore known space. Found your colonies and develop them to provide the resources you need to keep your opponents at bay. Build massive fleets and engage in open warfare. Develop technology to give you fleet the edge in combat. Use a spy to steal from and sabotage other emperors.Portable Galactic Empire is the full 4x (explore, expand, exploit, exterminate) experience that fits in a small box.

Science Cards

Exploration Cards

Intrigue And Race Cards