Here's what we're offering for shipping:

Domestic shipping (Includes all Canada and Continental US)

Slow but Cheap - $4.00 CDN

Faster, but pricier - $10.00 CDN

Offshore Shipping (every where else we can reach)

Slow but Cheap - $8.00 CDN

Faster, but pricier - $15.00 CDN

Realy Fast, but man ... -$80.00 CDN

We may not be able to offer all options to all areas, so if you think you might be in a problem zone (central Africa is one for sure) send us an email, and we'll look it up for you. If you pick something really wrong (i.e. we find something cheaper that still fits how fast you want stuff) we'll refund the extra portion of the shipping.

Your best option is to check with your local hobby store. If you can convince them to bring our stuff in, you avoid the whole issue. Hint hint.