Captain's Chair

Post date: May 3, 2011 2:16:02 PM

In our upcoming game, Galactic Adventures, you take on the role of a spaceship captain in one of the major fleets of Portable Galactic Adventures. As we lead up to release, I thought I would share some thoughts on the officers and roles shown in the game. First up, Captain.

The captain leads his (or her) (or it's) intrepid crew through the galaxy. Singularly responsible for the actions of his (or her) (or it's) vessel, the captain guides the ship, performing duties as diplomat, war hero and occasionally janitor. In the game the captain represnets you, and for this initial release will be human, jaal-riin, brerasan or hrgashi. On a smaller vessel like a frigate or destroyer, the captain will have the ability - in fact may be required - to fill in one of the other roles if no permanent officer is assigned.